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Address: Yonge Eglinton Centre, 2300 Yonge St #1750, Toronto, ON M4P 1E4, Canada
Phone: (416) 590-1900
Website: http://www.wrongfullydismissed.com/
Kushal Thapa on 2020-03-17
 Howard is a great sincere lawyer. His timely and genuine feedback helped me make wise decision. Howard helped me save money. Highly recommended!
Matthew Monych on 2019-11-22
 In my experience, Howard is one of few lawyers that is completely focused on the best interests of clients/prospective clients rather than maximizing billable hours for the sake of lining his pockets. He is very knowledgeable and communicates both effectively and in a prompt manner. I would recommend that if you are thinking of engaging a lawyer regarding an employment or labor-related issue that you reach out to Howard for a consultation or second opinion.
Allan Smyth on 2019-10-15
 Howard has successfully supported me through a couple of litigations and as acted tremendously through these stressful times. He has responded quickly to my emails and phone calls. Companies realize Howard knows his stuff and quickly willing to settle to avoid further costs. I highly recommend Howard to anybody who has lost their jobs.
Tony Kim on 2019-08-13
 I sought legal advice from Howard 3 times now in the past 4 years. Each time, his advice was bang on. He is responsive, detail oriented and knowledgeable. I was really impressed with his communication style and results driven approach. I would recommend him to anyone that is seeking an employment lawyer.
Shark Win on 2019-04-19
 Mr. Markowitz is the best of the best employment lawyer I have ever seen in my life after calling so many employment lawyers. I contacted Mr. Markowitz via his website and he promptly responded in 20 minutes. I was so surprised that he could have provided so much highly useful information and professional advice. He always answered all my questions and replied my emails right away, it was so impressive and extremely helpful. He was an expert and predicted exactly how my employer would act on the mediation. Mr. Markowitz is very knowledgeable and reliable, I feel so lucky that I can find Mr. Markowitz. He clearly advised me with possible settlement amount and provided legal advice for my case. Thank you so much for all your help and time, Mr. Markowitz !!!! We won't have a reasonable severance pay without your professional advice, I will remember your kindness forever. Mr. Markowitz is a super good lawyer with a warm heart, I would definitely recommend Howard to everyone. All the best, Mr. Markowitz!!!!!!

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