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Address: 533 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1V1, Canada
Phone: (416) 360-5324
Dee Labrecque on 2017-05-02
 Most hard working for ur individual needs who's caring & understands all ur personal issues who works with u by being caring,supportive, smart takes legal aid clients & a sure plus is very beautiful inside & out, who gets the job done, could ask for anything more, really, please give her a try, it'll b worth ur while, just meet her & see for yourself, u can always walk away if u don't agree, but u won't, believe me. Sending my love & respect to u & ur staff Keelie, talk & see u soon, Double Dee Labrecque. P.S. Always wishing u all the best this year & the rest to come that ur in practice & what ever u do.

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