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Address: 111 Sherwood Dr, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E4, Canada
Phone: (613) 722-7788
Timothy Kimber on 2019-12-18
 Mr Dunlap and his team have been taking care of my business and personal affairs for 17 years. A consummate professional.
Z M on 2019-08-24
 Dan does a great job in preparing legal documents and takes time to thoroughly explain the required process steps. It was a great opportunity working with him to finalize our house sales transaction.
William Hannah on 2015-10-30
 I was hurt in a work injury and Dan Dunlap fought with the insurance company for over 3 years but finaly won the claim. he worked very hard,and always just a phone call away with out having to wait. He did not over charge me for his services. I have nothing but good things to say about his company.
Ian Fitze on 2017-07-13
 Comfortable waiting area

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