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Address: 400 Taunton Rd E, Whitby, ON L1R 2K6, Canada
Phone: (905) 666-5500
Website: http://www.ddsb.ca/
Brenda Konkle on 2020-04-13
 I was in the first grade nine class in 1960 (nee Dolmage) I know times have changed but it was a wonderful school. Mr. Andrew was principal. You know because the culture has changed so has the school. I remember Anderson as a very happy place with respectful students and helpful teachers. Sometimes students have to look at themselves to see if maybe they are also responsible for the atmosphere in the school.
shilu kk on 2019-08-28
 30th August, it's 2 nd annual, welcome back learning BBQ.., Great, It's was fun day with my kid's, Lot of family & children are gathering.. Its was nice experience for my little girl. Today we went 3rd annual welcome back learning BBQ.., it's nice free school bag and other things got kids.
Adiat Hussain on 2020-01-21
 Amazing place, I loved my years here and everything is amazing here! For all the people complaining about websites on Chromebooks being blocked, Chromebooks are for education, not for social media or games. Also, if you have a problem with a teacher, that doesn't make every staff in the board bad.

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