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Address: 207 W Hastings St suite 905, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7, Canada
Phone: (604) 646-4684
Website: http://www.edelmann.ca/
Yue Li on 2020-03-18
 Dr. Will Tao is professional and enthusiastic. He has keen observation and deep insight in visa application, especially post-graduate ones. I was lucky to get help from him.
Susana Cárdenas on 2019-06-10
 Will Tao is one of the best Lawyers my family has every worked with. He genuinely cares for each case he has and puts his work, energy and heart to it. He is a very smart and dedicated person, and no matter how hard the case is, or how many papers you need Will is the type of person that will do the impossible. I was just moving to Canada with my family (my mom and siblings) and our status was difficult and no lawyer would take my moms case because it was “impossible” but Will make it look very smooth. My family and I will always be grateful for him . ????
Karl Pawlowicz on 2019-08-20
 We can't recommend Will Tao highly enough. When we hit what we thought was a big problem with our application a year ago, Will helped us created a strategy that has taken our application to completion last month. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process, but most importantly, compassionate and understanding.
Yangke Li on 2019-10-12
 I came to Will when I got the second procedural fairness letter from the IRCC. I literally thought I was getting removed from this country. Will analysed my situation and gave some really valuable inputs. His astute strategies and meticulous ways of organize my document helped me save my PR application. Will Tao is the man.
Hubert Risch on 2018-12-07
 My wife and I had been denied a PR immigration application and were in need of a lawyer to help us appeal our case. After my first meeting with Will Tao I immediately knew that he was the man for our situation. Over the course of getting to know Will it became obvious that he was not only a top-notch lawyer but an amazing person. For Will, being a lawyer is not just a job but a calling. His numerous involvements in the community speak to that. Not only was Will always prepared and on top of our case but it was clear that he genuinely and sincerely cared about helping us. Each and every step of the way Will was open and forthright, clearly explaining the procedures involved moving forward. Will was always available to answer questions or give relevant advice and we were consistently impressed with his honest and ethical approach. Will intelligently, thoughtfully and systematically presented our case with passion and zeal. Despite numerous obstacles along the way we prevailed and our appeal was eventually successful. There is no doubt in my mind that Will’s diligence was a huge reason for this and we cannot recommend him highly enough, not only as a lawyer but as a person. SIX stars!!

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