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Reviews for Andrew Edgar Criminal Defence Counsel
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Address: 2565 Steeles Ave E #15, Brampton, ON L6T 4L6, Canada
Phone: (905) 598-5000
Website: http://www.edgarlaw.ca/
Mateusz Glogowski on 2020-02-26
 Andrew is an outstanding lawyer. I would recommend him for anyone facing any type of criminal charges. Hes an outstanding trial lawyer, plea lawyer, and for anything else you want to do. He keeps you updated throughout your case. He has helped me on numerous occasions i don't even remember how many times he has gotten me out of sticky situations. Thanks to Andrews help ive been able to turn my life around and am doing great. Whatever type of charges you may be facing do not hesitate to call Mr.Edgar, knowing Andrew is handling your case will put your mind at ease because he is the best man for the job. I strongly recommend that if your facing any criminal charges you call Andrew right away. He has gotten so many charges withdrawn and reduced for me i would never use anyone else. I have used different lawyers in the past but none of them come even close to the skill set and connections Andrew has.
Alikhan Kamdar on 2020-02-26
 Amazing lawyer and very nice guy. Helped me and honestly saved my life in a terrible situation i cannot thank him enough. Highly recommend to have as your lawyer if you want someone you can talk to and understands your situation, as well as does a fantastic job helping you get out of the problem to better your future.
todd civesunavi on 2019-12-16
 Andrew has helped me not once but on 2 separate occasions when I wasn't using my brain... Trafficking narcotics Domestic assault Throughout the separate trials Andrew kept me posted with our current standings in the cases. no matter how many times I asked the same questions he was extremely patient and helpful. Aside from the fantastic interpersonal skills, hes a wizard at what he does. Thanks to Andrew both charges are dropped and I've got a clean record. If the day comes when I'm not using my brain again, I'll be contacting Andrew because I know he uses his.
Amy Denise on 2019-07-04
 To say that Andrew Edgar is an amazing lawyer is an understatement. Not only is he knowledgeable in law he is also kind, he is patient and will explain things to you as many times as necessary so you understand. His services are reasonably priced, he returns calls, and he responds to texts, he shows up. Andrew has guided my family through the grueling court process and made us feel at ease all the way through. We are extremely grateful for Andrew Edgar.
BW - 12ZZ - PAS South (2095) on 2019-01-24
 I am pleased to write this review regarding Mr. Edgar's services. My son got in some trouble a few times. Andrew was recommended to us by a friend. Andrew did an amazing job each and every time. Not only did the charges get reduced, but he was also able to get the more serious one's withdrawn. Also, Andrew was always prompt and would return phone calls within a day. I would use him again if needed and would highly recommend him to anyone. His professional manner is respected, but I also appreciated how down to earth and understanding he is. Thanks for everything Andrew!!!

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