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Address: 690 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 3A6, Canada
Phone: (780) 409-3799
Website: https://www.lids.ca/store/edmonton-oilers-kingsway
Rene Ramdeen on 2019-10-28
 For all your Oiler needs. My go to for fresh hats at the start and during the season. They have all kinds of other specialty items that you can't get anywhere else. I live in Calgary but hit this place up at least twice a year.
Paul Onderwater on 2019-09-28
 Oilers merchandise at full price. Some sales from time to time. Best time to get a deal is near the end of season as they are trying to get rid of this years stock. A better deal is to go to Roger's Place for the Locker Room sales. Lots of good merch at discounted prices!
RobRam Goleski on 2020-01-02
 #1 in customer service! Great job everyone. We enjoyed our shopping experience very much over the 2019 holidays and look forward to visiting soon.
Jerrica Benton on 2019-08-15
 Being from Ontario, we wanted some souvenirs. My son, a huge leafs fan was game for some Oilers stuff being that he "doesn't mind them" the gentleman working was fantastic. He was friendly, personable, and professional. He showed my son some cool things and didn't raze him too bad at our hockey choice. He was kind with everyone and greeted everyone walking in. Would love to come back next time we're here
Roseann Farmer on 2019-07-10
 I would like to recommend this store because they provide genuine and stylish caps. I often shopped from this store. The quality they provides is Great

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