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Address: 930 1st Ave W, Owen Sound, ON N4K 4K5, Canada
Phone: (519) 371-1443
Website: http://esrasamli.com/
rebecca russell on 2019-10-10
 Although I had and continue to hear great things about this firm, I felt as a client through legal aid, that I was under represented in my family law case. Although the other party represented themselves, I feel, we were unable to secure what was in the best interest of my son.
David Cunningham on 2019-08-06
 The entire corporation is the very best! The staff are like the best family ever! Love these people and wouldn't look anywhere else to represent me
Darren Mccann on 2019-10-16
 I can't say enough good things about Esra Samli and her team!

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