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Reviews for Gowling WLG
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Address: 1 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Z5, Canada
Phone: (905) 540-8208
Website: http://www.gowlingwlg.com/
marshall montgomery on 2020-02-01
 These guys have been exceptionally responsive and professional
Ahmad Liaqat on 2019-05-31
 These guys have been exceptionally responsive and professional. We were referred to them through our bank to finalize a loan and Matthijs helped guide us through it all. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great law firm.
Tom Jacques on 2019-07-09
 I have used the excellent services of both Scott Beattie and Debi Sutin and would highly recommend them both.
Ron Alphonso on 2019-06-24
 Our company, Mortgage Broker Store, deals with Gowlings on a regular basis regarding stopping foreclosures and power of sales in Ontario. Gowling is prompt in providing discharge statements and information related to the eviction. If you need help regarding Gowlings or an eviction give us a call.

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