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Address: 2 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M4V 1L5, Canada
Phone: (888) 670-9661
Website: https://thefamilylawcoach.com/
E From Toront on 2020-03-02
 Joel Miller was a tremendous help to me when I self-represented recently in a family law trial. Joel provided excellent, concise and easy to understand, advice. He always tried to keep my costs down by discussing my priorities and helping me to deploy his services strategically. Also, Joel frequently suggested ways that I could do some (or all) of the work myself saving me all sorts of money. Joel did his very best to make himself available to me at all times as I often had tight deadlines. He even took my calls while I was on breaks during the trial and tried to give me quick bits of advice before I want back into the courtroom. Joel’s hourly rate is well below that of most Toronto lawyers especially those as experienced as Joel. I found Joel's knowledge of family law very strong. He can also grasp new situations/information quickly and offer possible solutions. He is an excellent negotiator and was extremely helpful to me when I had to craft various offers to settle. I really could not have got through this experience without his help. I highly recommend the services of the family law coach.
Shanel Luke on 2019-05-06
 The professional lawyers at The Family Law Coach are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

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