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Address: 190 Division St, Welland, ON L3B 4A2, Canada
Phone: (905) 732-4481
Website: http://www.flettbeccario.com/
Global Holistic Body Balance Maureen Plante on 2020-02-29
 Came to us highly recommended. Beautiful office, welcoming and friendly staff, knowledgeable and helpful lawyer who answered our questions and is able to help us take care of some personal business. Would recommend this office to my friends.
Mark Sobieraj on 2020-03-20
 I have personally dealt with several of the lawyers at this firm. Both in business and personal matters. I highly recommend this firm based on my personal experiences.
Tracy Coutu on 2019-11-28
 Very professional and courteous, explained things in everyday language
Tyler Fedorowich on 2019-08-20
 Great experience all around. Thanks to Josh & Meagan for making my first house purchase a breeze.
Tammy Lavigne on 2019-11-08
 Amazing staff and helpful with all legal aspects

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