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Address: 2030 Bristol Cir Suite 217, Oakville, ON L6H 0H2, Canada
Phone: (905) 901-3746
Website: http://www.jamalfamilylaw.com/
K KaurK on 2019-11-29
 Jamal Family Law truly have their client best interest and will fight for them until the very end. Mrs. Jamal is very fair, efficient, suave, and excellent in what she does and would recommend her to anyone who is going through any complex family law matters. I had to go through many lawyers until i found the one who truly fought for the best of my rights. She's not only a lawyer but also a strong humanist who definitely fights between what's right and wrong. I don't know what i would do without her especially when a case has been ongoing for years, but since she got involved, she's moving in so much faster speed and accuracy than anyone else i've dealt with. Thank you Fareen Jamal for your due diligence and professionalism. You truly rock :)
manny farrugia on 2020-02-04
 I retained Fareen Jamal for my family law matter. I was very impressed with her insight and professional knowledge of Family law. In all her dealings, she always presented all aspects of a given scenario. I was very impressed with Fareen's demeanor, namely her level of confidence that made me feel optimistic. Fareen demonstrated a great deal of professional expertise and dedication to my case. I would highly recommend Fareen Jamal to anybody for her legal expertise. Manny Farrugia
Pouya Sanei on 2020-01-11
 Professional service.. great care for clients.. highly recommended
Sunny Hart on 2020-01-24
 June 2018 my daughter has given my husband (her step father) an adoption form as a father’s day gift. He was in tears, that day was the happiest day of his life, he has raised her since she was 7 years old, and he is a great father any one can ask for. She is now 23 years old. I remember He showed interest adopting her but I couldn’t make a decision on her behalf, I really wanted her to make her own decision. We have started the process in March 2019 by contacting Nachla Law Office, unfortunately they don’t have specialty doing adoption cases. I personally have searched and searched to find an adoption lawyer but it was a dead end until I by accident found Jamal Family Law Professional Corporation, to me there is no coincidence, it is just a rendezvous! The first person I did contact was Stéphanie (Legal Assistant/office Manager), Great Spirit! Very professional, happy! She knows the in and out of adoption cases, she has assured us it will be done! She has guided us with everything we needed. My husband’s lawyer Fareen is an amazing lawyer! Very approachable. I am glad we went to them, without them helping us, I would’ve abandon the case and it is the honest truth! It requires a great deal of attention and patience! Lots of paperwork! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 14, 2020 we went to Milton Court, my lovely husband officially adopted my daughter. My husband, our daughter and I couldn’t thank you enough!! Stéphanie and Fareen, you guys Rock! Now we know where to go when we need a lawyer, your professional approach and your positive attitude is tattooed in our hearts! We thank you very much! I highly recommend Jamal Family Law to anyone looking for a great lawyer !!
Darlene Smith on 2020-01-30
 I can give the best recommendation for Fareen. I got in contact with her because she represented my boyfriend's ex and did an amazing job taking him to the cleaners! I needed help as I was in a 20 year emotionally abusive marriage and I needed out quickly. I wasn't able to leave the home that I lived in with my ex and our five children whom he was alienating against me for fear of setting new normals and not getting any time with my precious children at all. At this point, I had to leave my church because my abusive ex is also a highly respected pastor. I had to let go of my family because my ex had my family in his back pocket (my parents paid for his divorce lawyer). To top it off, I found out I was pregnant and I didn't want my ex to know for fear of how he would use that against me. I was under desperate timelines as a result. I switched to Fareen as my lawyer because my previous lawyer was not moving this along quickly and I was feeling very vulnerable. Fareen understood how important it was that this was done quickly and she made it happen. I didn't have to keep asking her to contact my ex's lawyer; she kept the momentum going and made it all happen. Fareen is compassionate and a very good advocate for her clients. I was able to get a parenting agreement in place and able to move out before my baby bump was showing. She also delivered in terms of our final court date and I got to walk away with a divorce yesterday! I am moving on and moving forward thanks to Fareen. I would recommend her to anyone. She advocates, works hard, and delivers.

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