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Address: 334 Adelaide St W #301, Toronto, ON M5V 1R4, Canada
Phone: (416) 542-1616
Website: http://formativelaw.ca/
Radha Nagarajah on 2018-10-07
 Amer and his team are a pride to law firms and lawyers! Amer is a no nonsense individual, gets to the point yet gently & with empathy. He is extremely knowledgeable and shares his knowledge without the hefty fees that most lawyers in his caliber (the top) charge. I have dealt with many lawyers and law firms in the past 30 years in Canada and he is one of the most ethical individuals in the field. I recommend his firm without batting an eyelid! GOD BLESS Amer Mushtaq & his team!
Sam Tradder on 2017-01-12
 Very professional team. Good dealings.
Adedayo Olomodosi on 2017-01-04
 Amer and his team were very professional in helping to set up my cousin's employee contracts for his roofing business.

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