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Address: 1370 Summit Dr, Kamloops, BC V2C 1T8, Canada
Phone: (250) 434-2333
Website: http://www.forwardlaw.ca/
Carla Sjodin on 2019-10-25
 Have you ever been in need of a great lawyer and not know who you should contact? Well I never needed one until recently. People say that word-of mouth is always the best way to go so that is exactly what I did. I turned to a friend and she referred me to David Hughes of Forward Law. I was an emotional mess when I stepped into his office. He listened to my story. He then took the time to explain my options. He didn’t rush me. He let me ask questions and he left me with a lot to think about. I have no regrets what’s so ever. He helped me find a solution that both parties were happy with. He truly was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I am eternally grateful for everything he did for me. Without any hesitation I would highly recommend Mr. David Hughes of Forward Law. Carla M. Sjodin
Allysa G on 2019-10-04
 I worked with David Hughes on a workplace issue and couldn’t be happier with the incredible service I received from him and the other staff at Forward Law. He is knowledgeable, understanding, and helped me navigate a difficult situation with confidence. From my consultation through to a resolution, I felt supported, aware of my options, and informed on ways for moving forward. I highly recommend David and his colleagues for any of your employment law needs.
bill linux on 2019-05-12
 Rates are industry standard. Issues we had; 1. getting given options from the lawyer, directing the lawyer as to which option and then finding out he altered the option to maintain his involvement. Note, you're better off setting up an estate account at a bank rather than having the law firm keep the money in a trust account, which is what he wanted us to do. 2. We had to push to get our file moved on twice. We can't give them anything other than a satisfactory. :( We seriously recommend checking out what recommendations they supply and diary dating items to ensure your file isn't unnecessarily delayed.

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