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Address: 1925 18 Ave NE #420, Calgary, AB T2E 7T8, Canada
Phone: (403) 291-2594
Website: http://www.friclowenstein.com/
Chantelle Leipert on 2020-01-21
 Howard was very efficient and knowledgeable. He clearly answered all of our questions regarding filing a lien or statement of claim within our first visit. Straight to the point. On time. Doesn't waste your time or his. Professional, friendly office staff. We will continue to use this firm with any of our corporate issues in the future. Highly recommend.
Matt Van Gastel on 2020-01-07
 Pleasant and efficient to deal with.
Brian Skinner on 2019-09-05
 Always great service for my clients ????
Aaron Wyman on 2019-05-21
 Handled a real estate transaction. Very organized and straight forward.
Jon Cromwell on 2018-10-17
 Generally they are pretty good but limited office hours

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