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Address: 2831 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1G6, Canada
Phone: (613) 830-7111
Website: http://galarneauassoc.com/
Marc S on 2019-12-23
 Great service at a reasonable price. They are also fully bilingual.
Andre Demers on 2020-03-13
 Great lawyer. Highly recommended
Maureen Geiler on 2019-12-12
 Expert legal advice friendly and helpful
Jamie Jesse on 2018-10-19
 You will be looked after here if honesty, justice, moral accountability and the well being of whoever it is you’re standing up for are tenets you live by.
Blaine Matton on 2016-10-10
 Friendly staff and transactions are well done. Staff responds quickly to questions.

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