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Reviews for Ganapathi Law Group
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Address: 1155 Robson St #501, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5, Canada
Phone: (604) 689-9222
Website: https://www.ganapathico.com/
Katie Shen on 2020-04-17
 When asked for a referral, Anna Kurt is the resource to which I invariably turn. I have a high confidence level in her profound knowledge. On many occasions I have had an opportunity to seek Mrs Kurt's expertise for counsel and client referral purposes in my own industry and in other areas of the law, both for myself and for others in our multiyear boutique practice. Every one of these referrals has worked out well with competent counsel and service. Her experience exemplifies the quality of counselling and agreement contracting skills. Thank you for your truly useful services.
Irina S. on 2020-04-20
 I highly recommend Anna Kurt. She is a highly skilled lawyer who has done fantastic work on my file. She instilled trust and confidence from the beginning of my file, negotiated favourable terms of settlement, and achieved a quicker resolution in my case.
Apols Ibrahim on 2018-04-14
 I had my separation agreement done by this law firm. The lawyers are very professional and easy to talk to. I asked for a discount which was not a problem to them. I understand how lawyers charge so everything was straightforward. They're advises helped me a lot and my kids are now receiving what they exactly deserved. I already recommended this law firm to my friends and family and will continue to do so.
Nathan Kang on 2018-07-13
 Besides assisting me with my matrimonial situation, Ganapathi Law Group has also guided me through an estate issue and helped me in a business dispute. They have been very proactive and efficient in 'finding the facts' and then determining the options for a course of action. They are very flexible for meetings and they stay in close contact with me, but will only contact me when there is a substantial amount or an extra important item for discussion. They have taken a lot of burden off of my shoulders...who needs a shrink when I have Ganapathi Law Group? Thanks Mr.G and co!
Sam Lang on 2019-01-03
 Worked with the firm on my strata problem. Experience was excellent. I recommend the firm to anyone who is looking for solid legal representation for their strata law matter.

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