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Address: 610 Hanlan Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y1, Canada
Phone: (905) 265-1522
Website: http://www.ganz.com/
Isabel Tigse on 2019-10-27
 Look forward to their sale every year. I don't know if their open this year and if they are hope there are better things .
OfficialG Tui on 2017-11-04
 Great deals! Thank you!
Deni P on 2018-12-04
 Good staff
Jenn Gee on 2018-11-10
 You only would go to this place one a year as it is a warehouse sale. They have a large selection of odds and ends for different holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween so keep your mind open. There is section for religious Christian ornaments and trinkets that range from $1 and up plus housewares and home decor. Be aware although that the parking available is far too small for how many people that can fit. If you can, park on the road and walk that little bit. It will just save you that little bit of aggravation. If going on weekend, go during early lunch.
conesandbones . on 2018-12-08
 Love this place been going for years. It is such a far drive for me but love the selection of different ornaments and plaques.

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