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Reviews for Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP
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Address: 103 Church St #200, Toronto, ON M5C 2G3, Canada
Phone: (416) 862-0000
Website: http://www.migrationlaw.com/
Dr. Malak Abu Shakra on 2020-05-15
 I retained the services of Anikka Hammett and Daphne Wong for my permanent residency application and these two lawyers have been truly exceptional. I cannot give them enough praise. I really cant. They are highly professional, ever so patient, helpful, always available and immediately responsive to all of my questions and inquiries (of which I have had many). I am a very busy doctor who, when it comes to legal stuff, tends to be disorganized, impatient and unfocused. Daphne was so organized, patient, and rather meticulous. She is truly phenomenal. Thanks to the services of these exceptional lawyers I was able to submit a strong PR application. If you are wondering if you should retain the services of these lawyers on anything immigration related, the answer is a resounding yes!
Steve Closser on 2017-10-03
 Great Firm! They did a great job for our Firm!
Julia Pierre on 2020-04-18
 Attorney Catherine is particularly amazing, professional, and empathetic. She's knowledgeable and puts you at ease with the way she explains things. She gives you the whole picture and is an excellent strategist. The firm itself is flexible and understands that not everyone is in the same financial position given the COVID19. I could not recommend them more !!
Ali G on 2020-04-15
 5 stars .... I have two successful case with this firm, one for my father and the 2nd for sister, Peggy started my father case and Natalie took over and helped with my sister case. They were both very professional and caring, and never missed a deadline... I'm amazed by their performance. And most important they were patient enough to answer all my questions during the processing time. Highly recommend ... Great lawyers !!
Marwa Ibrahim on 2020-02-29
 Living all the way in Windsor was a major concern for me when I first contacted them. I want to give a special thanks to Daphne and Anikka because on the contrary of my expectations, their communication and responsiveness was beyond excellent! They were very professional, friendly, and informative making the process of obtaining my Canadian work visa very simple, putting me at ease. I am now confident knowing they’ll be apart of my team for my PR application. Definitely I highly recommend!

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