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Reviews for Youngman Law
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Address: 90 Eglinton Ave E Suite 980, Toronto, ON M4P 2Y3, Canada
Phone: (416) 363-3351
Website: http://www.youngmanlaw.com/
Donald Wong on 2019-08-06
 I have known Mark for close to 20 years. Deal after deal after deal, Mark has never let me down. A senior counsel with a humble and down-to-earth style. I have referred many colleagues and friends to Mark. I highly recommend Mark. Walk into his office, talk to him. Mark has tremendous experience and offers incredible value.
Marius Hofert on 2019-11-22
 Excellent service, nice office with front desk (where you can make appointments and where people help you first to assess the situation -- unlike other places where there's only a locked door without any sign or hint that this is a lawyer's place and no one picks up the phone).
Bonnie Black on 2013-03-12
 It is my great pleasure to recommend Mark Youngman of GCY unreservedly. His work ethic is unassailable. Whether providing assistance to myself, or to any of the friends and colleagues I've referred, Mark achieved excellent results, delivered with a kind and courteous professionalism. The icing on the cake? He has the uncanny knack of making it all seem effortless.

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