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Reviews for Gilmour Barristers Professional Corporation
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Address: 1 Royce Ave #3, Brampton, ON L6Y 1J4, Canada
Phone: (905) 451-6682
Website: http://wgilmour.ca/
Grace Campbell on 2020-01-23
 Mr. Gilmour cares for his clients well being and goes above and beyond to make sure that they get the best deal. He is to the point and honest, he tells it like it is and does not sugar coat, which I appreciated. Some with thinner skins might not take this well but I appreciate the honesty with which he approaches his work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help.
Archen Dodson on 2020-01-23
 My experience with Mr. Gilmour was exactly as I had hoped for and I was surprised by the few reviews I found after the fact. He was nothing but professional and clearly cares very much about his clients. I don’t honestly understand why these reviews are the way they are as it was completely opposite of my experience. It seems as if the websites these few are referring to are just made by one person. Hopefully this review can show people that there are clients of Mr. Gilmour who had a good experience with his services.

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