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Reviews for Gobran Law Firm Professional Corporation
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Address: 340 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 3A9, Canada
Phone: (647) 352-1529
Website: http://www.gobranlaw.com/
Fady Guirguis on 2020-01-16
 I’ve had the pleasure to work Mona of Gobran Law on multiple occasions throughout the years. The best recommendations I have for Mona and her associates is leadership and thoroughness. This firm fits the bill and they don’t leave anything to chance. Mona’s in-depth understanding of contract law made it a pleasure to work wit her and I would gladly do so again in the future. She is exceptional at communication and analysis and more importantly she is able to execute and deliver value.
Sandra on 2020-01-16
 I have had nothing but excellent customer service at Gobran Law. I always feel heard, appreciate being walked through all my options and the quick response and resolution time. Highly recommend this firm to all my family and friends
Christian Gallo on 2020-01-28
 I have had multiple professional dealings with Mona as she has consistently delivered great service and advice to me and my clients. I always reccomend Mona to clients and peers and look forward to working with her again soon!

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