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Address: 401 Bay St #2410, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4, Canada
Phone: (416) 867-9700
Website: http://www.goldmanhine.com/
XN H on 2019-10-24
 Mr. Steven is professional, helpful and friendly, he and his awesome team helped me out when I was in my terrible business. He is also very patient, as I always send him emails or call him at some inappropriate time. If you have any trouble in your business, go for him.
Chris C on 2019-07-26
 Amazing team of people at Goldman Hine. Thanks Jonathan for all your work .
Michael B on 2019-05-01
 They listened to my needs and provided attentive, efficient, and professional legal advice.
April Stroud on 2018-06-08
 Professional team of fantastic lawyers with an amazing support team! A team that works relentlessly to ensure a job well done. I highly recommend.

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