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Address: 3500 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O #2310, Westmount, QC H3Z 3C1, Canada
Phone: (514) 861-4367
Website: https://goldwaterdube.com/
Nancy Kohne on 2020-02-07
 I don’t think I have ever used “honest & lawyer” in the same sentence before but for this review I have no choice & do so with pleasure!I hired Me. Kirshner a couple of months back to deal with child support issues with very little hope of getting anything out of it but huge bills. My x-husband got away with some horrible things years ago & I lost nearly all my money paying my lawyer to fight for justice for my children. Sadly, I had a poor lawyer & needless to say he could pay the big time lawyer bills to get him off scot-free while I couldn’t.Fast forward to Me. Kirshner, who from the get go proved to be one of the rare breed of lawyers out there. Not only is his knowledge of the law outstanding, I also found him to be compassionate towards myself & my situation, as well as respecting my need to keep costs to a minimal. He really looked out for what was best for me in this situation & I trusted him 100% knowing he would advise me & do what was best in order to get the best outcome. He was honest, sincere & told me exactly what was happening each step of the way along the process. I never felt ill-informed or worried while in his capable hands. I am more than happy to report I got a little more than I even thought he could!I am confident that if he represented me (10) years back justice would have been served but I am thankful that he took care of me present day. I would highly recommend using him & I hope I never have to again but would without a moment's hesitation!
Michel Carroll on 2019-12-17
 I worked with Me David Chun and Me Alex Carin to reach a divorce settlement. Despite it being a complicated case, they did a great job of covering my best interests, and we finally ended up with a fair settlement offer. I definitely recommend Goldman Dube.
Áine on 2019-11-30
 When I went to see Alan Ovadia he was very professional, wise, and compassionate regarding my situation. He used great legal knowledge and wisdom to respond to the situation while still listening to my thoughts and ensuring my protection and that fees were kept low. Mr. Ovadia wisely exposed what my ex was and is. Having grown up with a father who was a wonderful lawyer for over 50 years and a great man of honour and decency I saw these traits in Mr. Ovadia. I highly recommend Alan as an exceptional lawyer who cares about his clients, has great wisdom and legal ability, gets successful outcomes, and sincerely wants to keep his fees as low as possible.
Hani Sinno on 2019-05-06
 Me Alex Carin is truly one of the best lawyers that I know. He knows the law and the inner working of many other lawyers and law firms. His advise and experience have been instrumental in making my life and the lift of my children as easy as can be in light of a divorce. Not only is is knowledgeable but he is a true human. His empathy far suppresses they of many doctors that I know. Thank you Me CARIN and the While Goldwater Dube team for making the hardest time in my life so much easier. I recommend you to my friends and family.

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