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Reviews for Thomson Rogers
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Address: 390 Bay St Suite 3100, Toronto, ON M5H 1W2, Canada
Phone: (416) 868-3100
Website: https://www.thomsonrogers.com/
Mark Smith on 2020-05-26
 I am in the healthcare sector in the Barrie area and have worked closely with Carr Hatch on several case files over the years. I also have a family member who was in a bad accident and sent her to retain his legal services. He is the consummate legal professional who puts his client needs first. He is attentive, detailed, reassuring and will go to all lengths to help his clients achieve the results that are warranted and deserved. My aunt can't thank him enough and I recommend him highly
Supeshala Wijesuriya on 2020-05-12
 When one encounters a traumatic life altering circumstance, it’s rather difficult to see the ‘silver lining’; however, I consider being represented by Stephen Birman to be just that – the very best thing that happened during the most challenging of times. Stephen’s knowledge and compassion coupled with his high regard for integrity and professionalism truly makes him exceptional. From the very outset, his advice to me was very simple – to focus my efforts on my recovery, he’ll focus his efforts on the legalities – as simple as that may sound – it speaks volumes to his competence, integrity and professionalism – qualities that were of utmost importance to me. At every turn, he kept me well informed, always direct and precise and never left pondering of the outcome. From being a sounding board during difficult times, to ensuring every concern of mine was thoroughly addressed (and responding to emails and voice messages within the hour!), he ensured I was consistently provided excellent service. Thank you Stephen for all you’ve done for me, words will never be able to capture my appreciation; I cannot imagine getting through the past few years without your guidance and support. You are truly gifted at what you do!
Fahad Al-Bazirgan on 2020-05-20
 Darcy and his team did an amazing job, and they were very helpful the entire time they handled my motorcycle accident case. It felt like I really had a team supporting my needs and doing whatever needed to ensure my requests, questions or concerns were handled and accomplished in the best way possible. I definitely recommend them to anyone as they are the best of the best out there. 5 stars service gets you 5 star results. Regards, Fahad Al-Bazirgan
Daniel Sloan on 2020-05-11
 This law firm is simply amazing, does great work and I cannot be more satisfied than I already am with the experience! My mother was struck by a vehicle some time ago and required legal assistance and advice. Her attorney at the firm was Stephen M. Birman. He was very kind and professional from the very first meeting and readily available through phone and emails whenever necessary. I, honestly, didn't expect to receive a lot of help. The whole insurance claims process seemed very daunting. My mother is not financially well-off and lives day by day with the little money she has. My mother didn't even think pursing legal action was worth it because she didn't think she could receive anything. We were both VERY surprised! Right off the bat, he got my mother some financial assistance through accident benefits and a personal support worker to help my mother through her recovery. I thought this sort of help would take forever, but it all happened very fast. The actual process in receiving further compensation took much longer, but that's perfectly normal. My mother could not believe how much compensation she received when the whole process was over. She had never seen so much money in her life! And she is now much better off both physically and mentally after the accident! Thank you very much Stephen for providing exceptional service! I cannot praise and recommend using this law firm and Stephen M Birman more than I already have!!
Jill on 2020-05-11
 I was on my way to work at 7:00 am, when suddenly I was t-boned on the highway. Instantly, I lost feeling in my feet. I was taken to a trauma centre and had suffered multiple low-back spinal fractures, causing a disc impingement. Through a referral of a friend, we reached out to Stephen Birman at Thompson Rogers. Stephen and his team of experts supported my need for physical and occupational rehabilitation, and counsel during the course of my recovery. They work with professionalism and dedication to my case, to the assurance of a positive long term outcome for me and my family. Thank you Stephen for your assistance, it truly meant the world.

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