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Address: 942 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z2, Canada
Phone: (416) 461-1291
Website: http://mglaw.ca/
Idris Jaan on 2020-04-07
 Mr Matthew was assigned to my sons case in March of 2017 when he got arrested and charged for some pretty bad and serious charges. He helped us get him out in 5 weeks and under house arrest but with no ankle bracelet. Since than Matthew has been my sons lawyer. It’s been 3 years we know Mr Matthew. He put his heart and mind into my sons case, to a point actually helping him out in refereeing him to therapist he knew. The people he knew was really professional at their work. They would solve any problems and as of my son he spend time on house arrest and Matthew really truly understood my situation and really helped us out. He’s a great lawyer, and a great friend. When my son got sentenced he told us he will be out in 6 months which he did but he knew and he always told us my son case was different since day one and that was because he worked from his heart. He put all his effort towards my son case working day and night and really truly I saw the results, he helped him with his immigration and criminal. My son always called him a big brother because he felt like he was always there for him through his hard times. I personally refer people to Mr Matthew. They always like how he works and his approach is so nice. He’s an amazing and awesome person with such hard working personality. I would truly tell everyone out there to hire him and you’ll see the results like I did. Thank you for your work.
abdul amin on 2020-02-12
 Mr Matthew. Truly been an amazing lawyer/Friend. He’s a great immigration and a criminal lawyer. He dealt with my immigration case as well as my criminal. He works from his heart. If anyone does need a matter to be dealt with I would definitely ask you to choose him. He does a great job with whatever matter he deals with. Always on time, always helpful. I will always appreciate your work. I’m really happy to come across an amazing person who helped me a lot.
Simply Karma on 2020-01-16
 I would like to thank Matthew Granic for the great work he have done for me. I'm happy to have found you at the last minute. Professional,friendly,very detail oriented, thoroughly has checked all the required documents and it was handled quickly and efficiently with immigration matters. His hard work and diligence resulted in a favorable outcome in my case. It was a very stressful time for me and my mom. The deportation was canceled. Now we are still together and very happy because of the out come and your faith and belife in us. So, many, many thanks and a heart full of gratitude! We wish you all the best success and happiness to you and your family!
katarina sostaric on 2020-01-02
 I highly recommend Mr. Granic. He is a highly professional lawyer, very knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients. Mr. Granic has been very helpful and responsive to all the questions and concerns that we have had related to immigration. We had a complicated case and he helped to make it all go smoothly, with great success in the end. Can’t thank him enough.
Luke Levytskyy on 2020-01-02
 Mr Granic is truly best lawyer that I have worked with. He is the only lawyer who was able to help my family with immigration. Thank you so much Mr Granic for your excellent work and understanding.

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