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Address: 234 Eglinton Ave E #501, Toronto, ON M4P 1K5, Canada
Phone: (647) 497-6872
Website: http://www.grinhauslaw.ca/
Vandana Lalwani on 2020-01-11
 Easily accessible office and warm staff.
Alex Kurt on 2018-01-06
 Aaron is a great lawyer, and a very smart person. His advice is top notch. I've worked with him twice already regarding two businesses I wanted to set up, and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.
Armando Nu on 2016-10-01
 Beyond amazing firm. They go the extra mile to make sure clients are happy. Extremely knowledgeable and they take time to actually explain every little process. Couldn't ask for better lawyers and staff.
Nicole C on 2016-10-05
 Now I have had my fair share of law firm experiences, but Grinhaus is by far the most knowledgeable. They have provided me with the best interaction I've had with any law firm thus far, and I would highly recommend them.
Josef Brown on 2016-10-07
 Best Experience. Being at rest is easy with Grinhaus Law Firm taking care of every minute detail and task. Very Friendly Staff and Great Service!

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