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Address: 2600 Skymark Ave #102, Mississauga, ON L4W 5B2, Canada
Phone: (855) 905-9222
Website: https://www.gblvlaw.ca/
Derek C on 2020-02-19
 Hubert Leung and his professional team has provided me outstanding services and care over the past six years. It has been a long frustrating journey. Hubert has been down to earth, understanding my status at times and always addressed all matters proficiently. Their supports helped me to continue to move forward and try my best to be positive.
Jasdeep Panesar on 2019-11-27
 I am feeling better as my case was resolved. It was a long journey. I am satisfied with the results. Domenic has handled with patience. He did a great job I almost lost hope but he fight for me. Thank you Domenic. God bless you. I recommend your service to other people.????????????????????
wina promo on 2020-04-13
 Extremely helpful law firm. I needed advice and help in the worst time of my life and Mr. Hubert Leung saved me. His advice, follow ups and consideration is greatly appreciated. His crew were helpful and quick in responding to emails. A big thank you to Guzzo Bianchi Leung Viskovic LLP.
Margaret Dias on 2019-04-27
 I have Hubert Leung for my lawsuits and very satisfied with how hard he has Already worked on my cases. Hubert keeps you informed along the way as well he Genuinely Cares about his clients. He and his staff also take the time to explain the legal lingo which was so appreciated. I would Highly recommend Mr. Leung.

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