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Reviews for Dr. John B. Hanna, DO
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Address: Levelland, TX 79336, USA
Phone: (806) 894-3141
Kimberly Cantu on 2019-06-16
 My son & daughter like seeing him. Hes great with them. He listens to both parent & child. Willing to look into your problems. Thank you!
Brittani Cathey on 2018-03-23
 Dr. Hanna is a wonderful doctor, however his staff is terrible! Multiple occasions I have had to wait over an hour for my appointment, and have watched multiple people who arrived prior to me go in to see the doctor before me. When I confronted Dr. Hanna about the situation he claimed “I have no control over what goes on in the waiting room, but as soon as you come back and I see the folder, I won’t make you wait long”.

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