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Reviews for L Hansen's Forward
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Address: 305 Milner Ave, Scarborough, ON M1B 3V4, Canada
Phone: (888) 420-8888
Website: http://www.lhf.com/
Selegna Miller on 2020-04-20
 Fantastic company. Competitive pricing. Experienced partners in USA. Dena was amazing. She guided us through her emails in detail for all the documentation needed. The timetable given to us was accurate. The process was flawless from beginning to end. A 24 karat gold company. Thank you very much for bringing my car from the east coast of Florida to Toronto.
Corey Reynolds on 2018-09-07
 The driver was professional, and carefully loaded our family van on to a newer car carrier for the trip to the Scarborough Rail Yard and on to Vancouver. The vehicle was delivered about two weeks later as promised, in the same condition it left in. We are now shipping another vehicle with Hansen's and expect the same service.
Delara Emami on 2020-02-29
 Amazing service! My vehicle arrived from BC to Toronto in one peace. Fast, reliable and affordable. I've tried Livingston and I would avoid Livingston at all costs. Car arrived 5 weeks late and had several problems with their service. Hands down, Hansen's is the best in the business. They also give you 48 hours to inspect your vehicle for damages, which is great. It gives you time to take your car for a wash (in the winter especially) and to inspect it prior to completing the process. Thanks for the peace of mind!
Tom Rymes on 2020-01-16
 Unused the folks to ship my classic car from BC to Ontario and they did a great job. Arrived in perfect condition, and even though it’s a pain to start and quite unusual, they had no issues. I’d definitely use them again.
Basim Khan on 2019-01-03
 Very good and reputable service. Trustworthy company. Delivered my car from Calgary to Toronto in 2 weeks over the busy Christmas period. Car was in the exact same condition when I picked it up as when I dropped it off.

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