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Address: 420 Talbot St #203, London, ON N6A 2S2, Canada
Phone: (519) 438-2708
Website: http://hardycriminallaw.com/
Slick Vick on 2020-01-23
 If your in trouble with a criminal charge then your gonna need a good lawyer. I honestly felt like there was no hope until I hired Damon Hardy He honestly did an amazing job and got all my charges dropped. He knows the in’s and outs of the justice system and that’s what your gonna need period. And he was nice enough to make a payment plan when I told him I didn’t have a lot of money at the time. I definitely recommend this firm if your stuck in a jam and need help and representation. Don’t go against the crown by your self because you will lose or get a sentence or conditions you don’t want. This firm will find you the best solution and outcome. All the best to whoever reads this. Take my advice and do yourself a favour and hire Damon Hardy . You get one chance to make it right so do it the right way. Good luck
D Price on 2020-02-12
 Victoria Zavitz-professional, knowledgeable, responsive, compassionate, and the best representative you want in your corner! If we could give her more than 5 stars we would. She is off the scale! Thank you Victoria for all that you do!
]CRYSTAL YOUNG on 2020-01-27
 Love my lawyer and team for their hard working dedication and drive for and defending the truth and working with clients fully and honesty with play by play update regarding the status of a case and not bring suspioise and cruise at all with what's gonna happen on the next date to then where solution ect. 5 starts I give this law firm
Itworkz Social Media Marketing on 2019-07-23
 marcia is the nicest human being around, just don't annoy her. she has a good heart and is fair. Got the sense she does not do it for money, may she persevere for long time.

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