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Address: 221 1 St SW #104, Airdrie, AB T4B 3L8, Canada
Phone: (403) 948-3335
Website: http://www.hassettreidlaw.ca/
Neill Taniguchi on 2019-09-30
 Jim Hassett is a brilliant real estate lawyer, with a real understanding and passion for what he does. He has been our go-to lawyer for many years and multiple transactions. How many lawyers do you know that take the time to show first time home-buyers the power of real estate as and investment tool? Outstanding service from his support team to boot. Beyond recommended.
G. Bhuele on 2020-03-09
 Amazing firm for real estate law.
jenna passi on 2019-02-09
 Went here for my first house purchase and worked with Jim Hassett. Was an AMAZING experience. Couldn't recommend this firm enough. They were patient, able to explain everything clearly, very respectful and responded quickly to my emails and phone calls.Very client centered!
Jessica Munro on 2019-07-29
 They helped us get our stuff together as first time home buyers, so quickly!! They went over everything and made it very easy for us!
Matthew Overbeck on 2020-01-20
 Great rates valuable advise

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