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Address: 225 Wheatland Trail, Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3, Canada
Phone: (403) 934-5922
Website: http://www.heminglaw.ca/
Addie Streibel on 2016-08-13
 We did our mortgage with Joanne and Violet. As a first home buying, it was an excellent experience. Violet was very patient with our many questions and they explained everything clearly, with some great tips and extra information. The cost was extremely reasonable considering the quality of service and the speed that everything was put together at, especially when compared to other firms that we queried. All in all an excellent time!
unstablewife the insatiable on 2019-11-03
 Friendly, and knowledgeable
Jorge Campusano on 2018-06-16
 Feel the weight.

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