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Reviews for Aird & Berlis LLP
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Address: Brookfield Place, 181 Bay St #1800, Toronto, ON M5J 2T9, Canada
Phone: (416) 863-1500
Website: http://www.airdberlis.com/
Eric Velaj on 2019-06-27
 Had the pleasure of working with Neil Bass and Angelo Gentile. Absolutely amazing individuals; very hard working and extremely committed. Had an amazing experience and would recommend this firm to anyone.
A Velaj on 2019-04-06
 CRA Tax Issue. We tried out 5 different law firms before coming to Aird & Berlis for an unfortunate tax issue with the CRA. Our first appointment was with Neil Bass and Angelo Gentile. I was very surprised to find that both of them were taking notes during our first discussion where I explained our issues to them. By the end of the meeting, they understood our situation as clearly as my wife and I did. From 5 prior law firms, we decided to hire Neil Bass and Angelo Gentile immediately after our first discussion with them. We found that Neil would answer our calls and emails all the time consistently, and would articulate his explanations to us very clearly and thoroughly. We spoke with both of them, though we dealt with Angelo Gentile specifically. He was a very honest and responsible individual-something that was made clear just in the way he spoke. He genuinely feels bad for his clients when they are in the right, and does his best to work with them to make the situation better. It is very evident to me that he looks to actually help his clients and improve their lives as best as he can. I would recommend anyone in this country to come to this firm if you have a legal tax issue. Our experience was nothing short of incredible, and I can confidently say that Angelo is the most honest, fair, hardworking, and professional lawyer I have dealt with.
v a on 2019-06-28
 Big thanks to the CEO John Longos, and the top tax lawyers in the country- Neil Bass and Angelo Gentile who resolved my tax issue.
Ken Knuckles on 2019-04-15
 Not my work ethic. Great environment though.

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