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Reviews for Hlady Rouleau Law Office LLP
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Address: 542 7 St S #209, Lethbridge, AB T1J 2H1, Canada
Phone: (587) 425-0760
Website: http://www.hladylawoffice.ca/
James Corbett on 2020-04-10
 Mr. Rouleau demonstrated the value of a good solicitor. His good oral communication skills are indispensable to the receiving of counsel over long-distance phone calls.
John jacobson on 2019-11-21
 Told me charges would be dropped on day of trial and then they were. I think anyone could have done what she did but she was the only lawyer I met who was honest about what would happen (others said it would be a long trial with a hearing and a pretrial). Good value, honest. Told me not to worry upfront.
Kayla Rice on 2019-11-25
 I have had these lawyers for about 2 years now! They are great lawyers and got me out of a lot of trouble ! They are understanding and are there to help whenever in need! I remember calling Miranda on her cell while she was eating dinner, and she still gave me a minute to talk to her , my last court date my lawyer ( wade Hlady ) waited for me until 4:30 pm because I was driving 4 hours to get there! Great team of lawyers especially when your facing serious charges !

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