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Address: 129 Yorkville Ave # 200, Toronto, ON M5R 1C4, Canada
Phone: (416) 648-8499
Website: https://holmbergwatson.ca/
Kelli J on 2018-10-23
 I recently used Holmberg Watson to help me out with the sale of my company, and I highly recommend them to anybody needing legal advice. Mihkel and his assistant were very helpful, friendly and professional. They were easy to talk to (a very important quality in my opinion!) and were very capable of explaining the legal ramifications of certain items in the contracts. The whole process went very smoothly, and I liked this law firm so much that I used them a second time just a month later to set up other legal documents. Highly recommended!
Christ Loker on 2018-06-11
 I turned to Kate Watson to handle a contract dispute and was immediately impressed by her commitment to resolution. Kate sincerely wowed me by going beyond being great lawyer specializing in business litigation & complex negotiation – it is her professional relationships that drive results. She is an outstanding lawyer with consistent effort and communication and simply put, she gets the job done.
Mohammad Swift on 2018-04-25
 Mihkel Holmberg has represented my interests in various complex business transactions. Mr. Holmberg was knowledgeable with the nuances of each transaction, was able to convey to my partners and I potential items of concern and prepare us accordingly. Mr. Holmberg was also very disarming with opposing counsel and found ways for them to collaborate rather than try to one up/outsmart one another. I would highly recommend using Holmberg Watson Law firm.
Althea R. Martinez on 2018-10-11
 Have been working with Mihkel and Kate from Holmberg Watson Law firm on a number of business contracts recently. Amazing team, highly responsive, professional and thorough. Would recommend them to anyone looking for skilled business lawyers.
Yulia Rebarbar on 2018-10-05
 I came to Holmberg Watson Law through a referral. Mihkel Holmberg took time to explain my options for business buying matter. The staff, especially Mihkel, was courteous, knowledgeable and they took the time to explain what was happening and communicated in a timely manner. If another legal situation arises I will definitely call Holmberg Watson Law firm.

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