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Reviews for Markham Home Hardware
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Address: 5762 Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3P 1A8, Canada
Phone: (905) 294-2443
Website: https://www.homehardware.ca/store/11912
Sarah Lacasse on 2020-05-14
 Had a great experience here. Went for a tool part and they had they exact one I needed to my surprise! I also needed some help in the paint section and the employee (I think his name was Doc or Don?) was so incredibly kind and helpful despite how busy and overwhelmed he was helping customers/ working during this time of Covid. I don’t expect retail staff to be cheery during this time, they are all working so hard, but the staff were so pleasant and helpful! Thanks home hardware!
Henri H on 2017-03-29
 Not as big as HxxeDxpxt or CaxxdxxnTxxe, but it got all you want, and it sell the same thing cheaper than those two. And I found a safe cutter that has a very nice packing ????
Victor Low on 2020-05-03
 Dear Mr Cashier, I highly recommend that you learn some manners. Appreciate that if you do.
Michelle Wei on 2020-04-27
 Urgently needed a shower part and they exchanged it quickly with no hassle. Emailed prior to arrival and they had the part waiting for me when I arrived.
Brenda Winters on 2020-04-25
 Only allowed to let ONE person in the store at one time during Covid 19 so be prepared to stand in line for quite some time although I noticed they have curb pick up available. Always great staff but noticed their retail prices are really high right now maybe due to Covid...

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