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Reviews for Homewood Health, Toronto
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Address: 55 York St #1600, Toronto, ON M5J 1R7, Canada
Phone: (416) 964-1875
Website: http://www.homewoodhealth.com/
Madison Bell on 2020-03-31
 I currently see Misha, she is amazing. I have spent years trying to find someone that I connect with and she is by far the best! Very professional, timely and makes me feel comfortable! Thank you Homewood Health, Toronto.
Joe Wong on 2020-01-02
 I saw Misha and she was extremely welcoming and understanding of my story. I thought psychiatrists were a waste of time but somehow she knew exactly what my problems were.
Jamie Rudd on 2018-02-02
 Awesome services....professional ....polite...helpful

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