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Reviews for The Johns Hopkins Hospital :David M. Rubenstein Child Health Building
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Address: 200 N Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA
Phone: (410) 955-5711
Website: http://www.hopkinschildrens.org/locations-directio
Maryann Wilfong on 2019-05-31
 Me and my son was their yetsrerday and we was lost through the hospital and this nice lady by the name of Anastasia who works their didnt get her last name was so helpful with us why everyone else would walked pass she stopped and asked if we needed help she took the time to show us where to go and showed which elevator to take n what floor to get off of she was so pleasent and she so helpful and smiled the whole time and even carried converstion with us .. i believe her shirt sid staff something on it but it was a goldish color or yellow please take the time out and recongize her excellent customer service skills..Thank You maryann and cameron...
T Corr on 2019-01-03
 Our phlebotomist, Tanequa, was phenomenal. Thank you!!!!

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