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Address: 180 Dundas St W Suite 2601, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8, Canada
Phone: (647) 265-2001
Website: http://www.hu-law.com/
Cinthia Olveda on 2020-05-07
 My husband and I bought our first property back in 2018 and a person we trust recommended us to have Alexander and form represent us in the purchase. The full process was fast and clean, with the following highlights: 1. Transparency on the process and fees from the start were very clear. 2. Communication and Professionalism. Alexander and team were fast and professional at all times. They made us feel welcome when we had any questions and when we went to sign for the closing at their office. 3. Reasonable fees ($). As I mentioned above the approximate fees were disclosed upfront and the final bill was very reasonable, not expensive compared to other firms and especially looking at the quality of their work and professionalism We are now looking into buying another property and we will be happy to work with them again.
Louis Ferguson on 2020-05-14
 I found Alex right here on Google several months ago and contacted him about helping me with a real estate sale. He responded immediately and went over the process of representation, laying out the paperwork clearly and describing to me the outline of how the sale would proceed, and was entirely transparent about how his fees would work. As the property went towards listing and things got busier, Alex was always able to give me sound advice about how to prepare the property, what paperwork to prepare, what paperwork to keep, and what to expect. After listing, we kept in contact as the showings continued until an offer was made, and Alex was always available, even late at night and on the weekend, to advise me about how to conduct the negotiations, what would happen and when, how to read the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, all of the little things that come up that you don't really understand bur are important to you to protect your interests as you navigate the back and forth of it all. After the sale agreement was signed, he explained the next steps to me fully, how the deposit works, how the closing would work, all of the things that I would need to do in order to make the transaction successful. He was also able to accommodate my schedule several times with regards to signing documents and answering my questions. Finally, once everything was prepared, he handled the closing day and notified me when it was all complete, sending me the full documentation and helping me to follow up the last few loose ends. Throughout the entire process he was intelligent, observant, helpful, honest and also exceptionally pleasant to deal with. He always gave me good advice, was extremely knowledgeable about the law, and did exactly the job that he said he would for the price that he quoted, handling everything that I asked of him. I can't recommend him highly enough to anyone who wants to conduct a real estate transaction with the confidence that they will be guided with diligence and capability throughout it. Thank you Alex!
Xinnan Li on 2020-03-16
 Alex (and Carole) is amazing! They helped me with a purchase a year and a half ago. They are extremely responsive, and no hassle. Everything is done and is done correctly. But I was lazy to write a review then. Recently I reached out to him again on some purchases, he gave his honest opinion and a very detailed explanation on what I need to do. To me this is super helpful to show that he has the knowledge and willingness to help even though he’s not paid to do so.
Kevin Formhals, PMP, RMP on 2020-05-07
 We have had the pleasure of working with Alexander Hu for the purchase of our first home, and now on our second. From start to finish Alexander Hu conducted himself professionally and was able to help us with all our questions along the way. I would highly recommend Alexander Hu to anyone who is interested in working with a knowledgeable and professional real estate lawyer.
Phil P on 2020-04-16
 Highly efficient and responsive, and very accommodating to client needs. Alex was a pleasure to deal with and did an excellent job on the sale of my condo. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my family and friends.

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