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Address: 600 Ledgeview Business Centre, 9707 - 110 Street, Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9, Canada
Phone: (780) 482-6555
Website: http://hplegal.ca/
Holiday H on 2020-04-17
 If you seek legal representation or are looking to protect yourself in the future and need documents/agreements put together I highly suggest Hustwick Payne. I have worked with many different lawyers and very few come close to the detail and effort that Rod Payne puts forth for you as a client. Rod makes sure the job doesn't just "get done" but gets done right. It's been my experience that you need someone reliable, who returns your phone calls and will prepare you/your company for any possible allegations it may face. Hustwick Payne is the law firm you want on your side, I recommend giving them a call if you need any legal help.
Jordan Long on 2019-10-30
 This firm, especially Bryce Wells, has provided me with consistent, diligent, and expert service and advice. I reached out to Bryce hoping to find someone sincere and respectful and I was not disappointed. The information available to me publicly and advice given to me through governmental services left me feeling helpless and confused. Without his help, I would not have been able to move forward advancing my case with confidence and security. Thank you to Bryce and the Hustwick Payne team.

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