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Reviews for Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt
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Address: 505 Fisgard St #1, Victoria, BC V8W 1R3, Canada
Phone: (250) 360-2500
Website: https://www.hom-law.com/
Ken Wylie on 2019-11-25
 Few in this day and age take the time to listen. My experience with Hutchison Oss-Cech dispelled this notion. I had a fantastic experiience
Dawn Goodwin on 2019-08-24
 Lawyers helpful and sympathetic but no contingency fee arrangement available if outcome is uncertain. That is understandable.
Simona Stramaccioni on 2018-11-05
 I have used this firm several times and they are great. Lorenzo Oss Cech is the best litigator in town to my opinion (and not just mine). He helped me with an ICBC case as well as another personal litigation and won both times. Jim Hutchison is our corporate lawyer and he has always done a good job. I have referred to them several people who have been pleased with this firm just like I have. I would highly recommend it.
Bob Wallace on 2018-09-19
 Since I only know Jim and Lorezo first hand know they are conciencous, considerate and careing and believe this is carried out throughout their firm. Their willingness to carefully look at all solutions for their clients and explain them in a way which makes it possible to understand the importance of their value to assist you. R.F. (Bob) Wallace
robert mcalaster on 2017-09-11
 Over the past ten years, or so, my family and me have found the need to hire a lawyer for two separate, but connected, family issues. Going through these types of issues, I'm sure many people reading this know, are tough. They're stressful for everyone involved, and often take a great deal of time and energy. What helped my family both times, was dealing with the fine people at Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt. The staff there did an incredible job of helping us navigate the murky, and complicated waters of family law. However, I think our lawyer, John Nelson, will forever be the one who sticks out most. Talking with John, I always got the sense he understood what we were going through. He didn't try and sympathize; he empathized. He listened when we had to rant; he answered questions when we had them. He was realistic and honest at all times during his interactions with us. John told us right off the start that he couldn't guarantee any specific outcome for our case. All he could guarantee, was that he was going to work hard, in order to get my family the justice it deserved. And he did just that. I will forever be grateful to John, and all at the firm, for everything they've done so far, and everything they may do for us in the future.

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