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Address: 9602 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 1A1, Canada
Phone: (780) 423-1234
Website: http://iginla.com/
Brittney Lalonde on 2019-04-11
 They are our lawyers now and currently fighting for us. They are very helpful and very good at replying quickly. They seem to have our best interest in mind and really helped us through these tough years... hopefully our settlement will be finished soon but for now they are keeping us above water. :)
Ralph Watzke on 2017-09-27
 Mr Iginla is both a courtroom lawyer and a solicitor, and excels in both aspects. He has been a lawyer for about two decades. He's always ready to provide advice, which is very sound, and well-reasoned. He has excellent staff, some of whom have been with him for years, and if he can't answer your question right away, he will get someone who can. He has an excellent work ethic, and is extremely honest. He’s also an excellent communicator, will usually call you back the same day, very patient and understanding, and has a nice modern office. He's really knowledgeable in most kinds of law, especially civil and criminal litigation. Prices are fair considering the market. His firm is well known for the excellent quality of legal research, and the legal documents that are produced. He is especially good at drawing up legal wording “from scratch” that covers all the essentials. He is a practising Christian, having written on Christian topic, and has the highest legal ethics. He is not one to shy away from taking on difficult and challenging cases, and is known for a good litigation track record of successful outcomes.

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