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Address: 200 Boulevard René-Lévesque O #102, Montréal, QC H2Z 1X4, Canada
Phone: (514) 283-7733
Website: https://irb-cisr.gc.ca/en/Pages/index.aspx
Mursal Afghan on 2020-03-23
 I love the kind officers here ...may god bless them With safe healthy life
Johanna Charpentier on 2019-04-17
 I got there at noon and got my paperwork sorted within 20 minutes. Very efficient staff.
Fawaz Halloum on 2019-04-13
 the one time i went, i found the place calm and nice, not hectic and chaotic. a nice gentleman helped me and was on my way.
Manna Mansour on 2018-12-04
 Thanks for everything and helping New commers and respect & respond. Thanks for all officer's and all staff god bless Canada

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