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Address: 5075 Yonge St Suite #804, North York, ON M2N 6C6, Canada
Phone: (416) 225-5136
Website: http://www.shumanlaw.ca/
Eran Lazarovich on 2020-05-12
 We recently utilized the services provided by Lorne Shuman On the purchase and sale of our house and had a great Experience with Lorne and his team. He was in touch constantly and kept us in the loop through the whole process and made things very smooth for us and our mind was at ease with true professionals. Their fee structure is a bit higher then other real estate lawyers but worth every penny in our opinion. Thanks again for the great service!
Hani ELKukhun on 2020-04-04
 The best and most professional Real Estate Law Firm! Both Lorne and Bonnie have been amazing. When you need a lawyer that does everything to ensure your rights are protected and is very efficient and professional, they are the ones to represent you. They have also been able to handle the most complex real estate transactions including assignment sales which become really tricky. I trust in them and recommend them highly. In addition, not only have they represented us in a lot of real estate transaction, but also take care of our wills and continuing power of attorneys.
Eric Paul on 2020-04-30
 I have had the pleasure of having Lorne Shuman and his team work on my real estate deals since 2007. I have bought and sold 3 properties and have run into a few unexpected potential roadblocks during the closing process but thanks to Lorne’s high level of expertise these issues were solved very efficiently. Lorne is a true professional and his knowledge paired with his attention to detail are the reasons that I keep taking my business to Isenberg & Shuman. I highly recommend contacting Lorne if you are buying or selling a property as you will be very well represented. Thanks again Lorne!
Azura Zhong on 2020-03-18
 Lorne and his team are fantastic! They are highly professional and nice. I had a tricky case. Lorne is very experienced, strong and smart. He protected my interest solid, and I didn’t lose a penny at closing. It was a pleasure. I would give a ten-star rating if there was a choice. Thank you!!
Susan N on 2020-04-19
 I have just completed the purchase of my first home of a pre-build condo with the help of Mr. Shuman. Our interactions were always professional and prompt. I received notice of closing while I was out of the country. Still, closing went smoothly even with all the restrictions abruptly being implemented in every industry (due to global pandemic measures). I very much appreciated the clear instructions and efficiency along the way - it made for a pleasant experience which helped calm my nerves from buying my first home and these extraordinary times. A big thank-you to his team!

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