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Reviews for Irving Tissue Corporation
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Address: 1551 Weston Rd, York, ON M6M 4Y4, Canada
Phone: (416) 246-6666
Website: http://www.irvingconsumerproducts.com/
Quin Hoshowsky Linhares on 2020-04-17
 I went on a school trip to this factory for the tour back in 8 years ago and it was educationally fun because of how the toilet papers were made and the building looks nice. But I hope they should improve on their truck skills because things are getting out of hand.
MOCHA SWIRL on 2017-03-25
 A wonderful company that has been part of my community forever. The grounds are so clean.love their bathroom tissue & fascial tissue its gentle on ur sore nose
William of Canada on 2018-10-10
 Many great products.

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