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Reviews for AJ Jakubowska & Eun-Kyung Lee - Divorce Family Law & Mediation
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Address: 16945 Leslie St Unit 19, Newmarket, ON L3Y 9A2, Canada
Phone: (905) 898-8500
Website: http://separationinontario.com/
Donald Kunkel on 2020-01-20
 If you need the best legal advice possible, in a straight forward and comprehensive manner, from an experienced and success driven legal team, look no further than the office of AJ Jakubowska! With competitive fees and an established history of helping many individuals in a time of great need, AJ and her team will be there for you and they were for myself and my daughter. Thanks AJ and Carolyn!!
Sheena McAuley on 2019-10-10
 Within 5 minutes of being in AJ’s office I knew I had found the lawyer I needed to represent me , in what would end up being a messy divorce. AJ is tenacious, powerful, confident, knowledgeable as well as kind, caring and compassionate. AJ and Carolyn keep you informed throughout the entire process, explaining each step of the divorce procedure - always encouraging you to ask questions. AJ knows her way around the court room- I would not want to be on the other side! She was firm, direct, and professional during both of my court dates,. AJ always attempted to resolve issues before going in front of the judge, demonstrating excellent mediation skills. My divorce from start to finish took under a year, which I contribute to AJ. Hiring AJ and her team was money well spent. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had AJ and Carolyn by my side throughout this process.
Sandra Dimech on 2019-08-22
 Several years ago I found myself in need of a divorce lawyer and thankfully I found AJ. She is a consummate professional, All my questions were answered and AJ was happy to explain every step of the process. Most importantly, AJ broke down every legal process so I understood what we were doing.. She is a skilled negotiator who knew which provisions to change to benefit me. Her calm and empathetic demeanour offered immense emotional support to me. AJ has all the qualities that you want and need in a lawyer who is helping you. I am eternally grateful for her service and dedication. Sandra Dimech
Joseph Lauren on 2019-10-14
 AJ helped me many years ago. She DELIVERED results that my previous lawyer said were "impossible to even try for." Highly recommend her if you like and can handle straight-talk.
Riyad Mohammed on 2019-10-09
 I am dealing with a complicated divorce which includes custody and visitation issues regarding my child. I had retained AJ and her team after having some issues with my previous lawyer. I have only positive things to say about my experience with this firm so far. They are extremely efficient and they kept me in the loop regarding all correspondence. AJ and Eun-Kyung take their time to explain all the legal issues I was facing and made things a lot clearer. They brought to my attention points that I was not told about with my previous lawyer. Lastly, I was very nervous on my court date but AJ made sure I was relaxed while she did her job in representing me to the fullest. AJ is no stranger to the court room and handled my case at very high level. AJ’s presentation of my case was clean, simple and straightforward. When the judge made recommendations I was so surprised it was in my favour I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

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