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Address: 2646 St Clair Ave E, East York, ON M4B 3M1, Canada
Phone: (647) 352-5529
Website: http://www.james-law.ca/
Brad Pearson on 2019-07-10
 I like this place because it doesn't have multiple locations. It's a local place . Use this place if your in the gta or in the area or even Toronto.it is in the best location easy to get to on the bus if you don't have a car and easy to get to if you do. The 70 o'connor bus runs frequently and get off at eglinton Avenue and then turn right onto bermondsey and left onto sunrise and right onto o'connor drive to st Clair Avenue east on the northwest corner.
Jim Hronis on 2017-11-08
 Amazing law firm where the people actually care what happens to you. I felt the entire time George and his team had my back and explained things clearly to me. Highly recommend!

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