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Reviews for Jenson & Co. CPA Advisors
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Address: 11850 Fountains Way #200, Maple Grove, MN 55369, USA
Phone: (763) 425-5000
Website: http://www.jensonco.com/
Janine Anderson on 2020-02-04
 Robert is amazing and the absolute best accountant I have ever worked with. I really appreciated him always taking the time to answer my questions and I was confident that the work that they did was the very best quality available. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone looking for the best accountant possible.
Lesa Fenwick on 2019-06-04
 Been working with Robert for a few years now and we're always impressed with his knowledge and creativity. He has helped us from start-up with more than just our "taxes" and we are grateful for the work he's done so far. Looking forward to continuing to work with him as your business grows even more.
Holy Ghost on 2017-06-02
 It was laundry day so all I had to wear were some shorts and a random sweater. I thought they wouldn't take me serious but it was the exact opposite. I dealt with Robert and it felt as though I was talking to a brother. He was extremely knowledgeable and even gave me a lot of insight on business tax management. The environment is nice as well. Would definitely recommend these guys to everybody.
Mary Jo McNutt on 2015-04-09
 Not only are these people good at their jobs, they have great people skills. Who ever thought you'd look forward to tax time? It's like visiting a good friend. Keep up the good work guys!
Mark Cheeley on 2017-03-10
 Wonderful experience. They have done a great job for myself and my clients

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