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Address: 9300 Airport Rd Unit 520, Mount Hope, ON L0R 1W0, Canada
Phone: (888) 887-7713
Website: http://www.jetport.com/fbo/
Nik Crawford on 2019-05-13
 I fly out of here a couple times a year for business. Pilots, ground crew, and staff have always been courteous and exhibited a professional friendliness. Aircraft have always been clean and well stocked. Pilots handle the aircraft well. Beats commercial air travel, wish I could fly out of here on my personal vacations.
Murice St-Claire on 2019-01-31
 I have a car service which I pick up and drop customers at jet port and I must say the staff are AMAZING people ..Very good ,, Polite .. respectful . I always direct my customers to them .. They are A1 . Thank you Jet port as you make everything smooth .Moe

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